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The Well renown  publication in the Kathmandu valley with more than 500+ book of its own publication. It is located at Bhotahity (Heart of book Location in Nepal), Kathmandu near to cyber bureau. The publication has huge success on the course book of the different board and university of the Nepal like CTEVT, NEB, TU, KU, PoU. PU, etc.

The Publication has also gain the popularity on the book of Loksewa (Public Service Commission), Teacher Service Commission, Nepal Police Examination, IoE entrance any many more.

Publication is helping the Students since 2005 with different course book, Children’s book with easily understandable language, quick learning skills, technique, correct information with competitive low price book for the development of education and reaching to the all communities over the country.

Publication has well qualified and experienced teacher with great skills and knowledge to guide the students and Teacher. Most of teacher are serving in the different field of the Governmental Sector, Public Sector, Teaching Sector and many  other field to board their knowledge and to share their experience in the relative field.

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