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The Money Tree

By: Chris Guillebeau,


The brilliant chris guillebaeu has written multiple bestsellers about how we can reimagine work to create more freedom opportunity and security in our lives.here however he comes at this subject in different way through story.by harnessing the irresistible power of storytelling,he makes a different approach to work seem exciting and possible in an entirely new way.

Book Details

  • ISBN:9780593329573
  • Publisher: Portfolio Penguni
  • Dimensions:5.6*8.3*0.8 Inch
  • First Publication Date:2020
  • Paper:Soft
  • Category: Business/Self-Helf
  • Language:English
  • Binding:Hard Cover
  • Pages:237


Chris Guillebeau has always been one of our most inspired business minds teaching us about everything from travelling the world to building a side hustle.,now with the money tree he shows he is also a terrific storyteller.if you are hoping to make a living and make a life this book is an essential read.every wondered why some people seem stalled or unable to launch while other have identified the unique gift they can share with thw world this book holds the answer

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Chris Guillebeau

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