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Mr Popper’s Penguins

By: Richard Atwater,


The lovable Mr. Popper dreams of being an intrepid Antarctic explorer, living life among the penguins alongside his hero, Admiral Drake. So he is shocked one day when the admiral responds to his fan letter by sending him a real, live penguin! Soon, this penguin is joined by another and before long Mr. Popper has an ice-rink in the basement and a dozen delightful penguins living in his house.

Book Details

  • ISBN:9780316058438
  • Publisher: Brown & Company
  • Dimensions:5.2*7.6*0.5 Inch
  • First Publication Date:1992
  • Paper:Soft
  • Category: Juvenile Fiction
  • Language:English
  • Binding:Soft Cover
  • Pages:139


A classic of American humor, the adventures of a house painter and his brood of high-stepping penguins have delighted children for generations. “Here is a book to read aloud in groups of all ages. There is not an extra or misplaced word in the whole story.”–The Horn Book. Newbery Honor Book. With barely enough money to feed his family and an increasing demand for raw fish and canned shrimp, what can the wonderfully imaginative Mr. Popper do but train his penguins and then take the show on the road.

About Author

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Richard Atwater

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