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BNS Review with Solution Manual Third Year PU, TU & KU

By: Aniket Keshari, Asmita Khatri, Asmita Nyaupane, Bipsana Shrestha, Prava Rijal, Priya Ojha, Reena Koju, Surabhi Bhandari, Susan Thapa, vaibhav Kasaundhan


Review of All subjects with Past & Probable Questions Solutions  Third Year PU, TU & KU Subject-wise & chapter-wise Review & solution as per New curriculum  

Book Details

  • Publisher:Samiksha Publication
  • Dimensions:7.1 x 9.4 x 0.5 Inches
  • First Publication Date:2077
  • Edition:First
  • Paper:Soft
  • Category: Solution Books
  • Language:English
  • Binding:Soft Cover
  • Pages:324
  • Weight:


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About Author

Aniket Keshari

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Asmita Khatri

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Asmita Nyaupane

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Bipsana Shrestha

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Prava Rijal

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Priya Ojha

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Reena Koju

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Surabhi Bhandari

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Susan Thapa

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vaibhav Kasaundhan

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