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Because Of Winn Dixie

By: Kate dicamillo,


Kate Dicamillo is a New York times bestselling author whose books have been translated into over thirty different language across the world she is also a regular winner of awards most notably the prestigious newbery medal which sge won for both flora and ulysses and the tale of despereaux.

Book Details

  • ISBN:9781406368505
  • Publisher: WALKER BOOKS
  • Dimensions:5.1*7.8*0.5 Inch
  • First Publication Date:2015
  • Paper:Soft
  • Category: Story
  • Language:English
  • Binding:Soft Cover
  • Pages:160


Winn-Dixie is no ordinary dog.its because of winn-dixie that opal makes some suprising new friends.it is because of winn-dixie that she finally dares to ask her father about their past.In fact just about everything that bhappens that summer is because of winn-dixie.

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Kate dicamillo

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