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All in one IQ

By: Kuber Adhikari,


This Book will help all students understand the problems apply Formulate to solve them and develop passion in acquiring reasoning skill. While drafting the book i have gone through detailed analysis of question ,formulating rules , establishing easier tricks , and providing highly useful practice question.

Book Details

  • ISBN:
  • Publisher: Heritage Publications
  • Dimensions:8.3*10.7*1.5 Inches
  • First Publication Date:2019
  • Edition:Fourth revised
  • Paper:soft
  • Category: General Knowledge
  • Language:English and Nepali
  • Binding:Soft Cover
  • Pages:880


Mr.Kuber Adhikari is consistently involved in IQ techning for the last seven years at reputed Instituted of Kathmandu valley and even out of valley.Technically dexterous and highly skilled Mr. Adhikari is know for his precise and specific tricks at the time of Solving IQ problems. IQ book is highly useful for every leaner who wants to overcome the problem is solving Logical question

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Kuber Adhikari

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