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50 Toughest Questions of Life

By: Deepak Ramola,


This book is a collection of fifty such questions that made him pause, along with a bouquet of answers, anecdotes, stories and notes from his journey of teaching human wisdom for a decade. Strikingly fresh, tender, yet searing, these questions will make you reflect and inspire you to push beyond your boundaries.

Book Details

  • ISBN:9780143451044
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House
  • Dimensions:5*7.8*0.9 Inch
  • First Publication Date:2020
  • Edition:First Edition
  • Paper:Soft
  • Category: Self Help
  • Language:English
  • Binding:Soft Cover
  • Pages:296


50 Toughest Questions of Life invites people to have a conversation about themselves with themselves. Deepak Ramola’s quest began after he was inspired by the life lesson of a young girl who said, ‘Life is not about giving easy answers, but answering tough questions.’ Over the years, Ramola has amassed life lessons from inspirational sources across the world.from the women of the Maasai tribe to young girls in Afghanistan and sex workers in Kamathipura; from the lessons of earthquake survivors in Nepal to Syrian refugees in Europe, among many more.

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Deepak Ramola

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